Original blues, jazz and folk to get your toes a-tappin’ and your heart strings a-pullin’.

Throw in some epic folk and you have an emotive, eclectic mix that takes you on a journey of love lost and love found, of life.

The daughter of a preacher man and a good ministers wife and well, you know what they say about priests kids…

Writing cheeky lyrics, tales of adventures abroad, of love and of heartbreak all captured in sultry tones, Miss Jones shares her journey through life.

Heavily influenced by early jazz, blues and R&B let Miss Jones take you on a emotive ride conveyed in original blues, jazz and epic folk – all with a devilish smile.

As an emerging artist in the blues scene, let Miss Jones soothe your soul…

Here’s some of the more mundane:

Miss Jones learnt guitar from her dad, inherited singing from both parents, learnt piano as a kid and clarinet during high school. She sung in choirs, played in school ensembles and concert bands, played with jazz bands, solo and with her own band the Bare Bones.

She currently resides in the North East of Tasmania, Australia and is focussing on a solo career, although misses having the Bare Bones around her.

Her debut EP Naomi Jones and the Bare Bones is currently available on Bandcamp and CDBaby.

Check out her Facebook and Bandcamp pages for more and follow her on Instagram, Google+Reverbnation, Soundcloud, and LinkedIn.

Be in touch…

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